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Our summer camp is designed to develop players using footvolley techniques, speed and agility and specific skills and fundamental.  We also focus on motivating, inspiring, and allowing players to truly share their passion for the game. The camp will be instructed by coach Bruno Motta.

Camp dates: June 26-29 or July 31-3

Ages: 7 and up 

Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 am

Location:  Community Park - 437 Wilshire Ln -  Bolingbrook, IL 

Camp price: $140

Discount: $15 discount for Bolingbrook Soccer Players, use coupon code BSC15


The first 20 players to register will receive an awesome Footvolley T-shirt to train with during the week of camp! 

Sign up now and enjoy this great week of unique Footvolley, speed and agility camp!


Footvolley  was born in Brazil in the 60s and today is the first beach sport practiced on the shores of Brazil! Players such as Neymar, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are passionate about playing footvolley!

1- Improves motor coordination.
2 - Development of specific motor skills (Gain of technique)
3- Improves Fitness conditioning such as speed and acceleration.
4 - Gain of Stamina.
5 - Provide strength and muscle mass.
6 - Toning the muscles of the upper and lower body.
7 - Speeds up the metabolism.
8 - No restrictions gender or level.
9 - Has a huge impact on social and psychological areas.


While at camp., players will also go through speed and agility sessions in the sand court. Top professional clubs use the sand court to enhance speed and agility. Check out bellow the video of Gremio from Brazil. 


The first game of footvolley was played about 50 years ago at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A group of friends, who usually played the ball between each other in the air were forced to stop playing  at the beach by the police because it broke an old local law. Playing beach volleyball was however allowed on the courts on the beaches so the guys decided to continue play using the beach volleyball courts, passing the ball over the net. In the 1970s other Brazilian cities like Recife, Salvador, Brasília and many more hosted footvolley games. In the 1980s footvolley arrived in Europe via Portugal. In the next years several football players started competing and footvolley was spread all over Europe.

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