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Apply now for Spring and Summer 2024 positions with TetraBrazil  and have The Opportunity of a Lifetime!


Questions? contact João Villarinho now via whatsapp:




These positions are available for applicants who are currently in the US, either green card holders or are eligible to obtain CPT or OPT work permissions from their Colleges/Universities in the USA. 

Summary Description:

Soccer Coach will be delivering coaching sessions to a variety of age groups, teams & players whilst following a set coaching and training curriculum. This role will mainly involve  coaching soccer teams during the spring and summer seasons of 2024.


Direct objectives for the contract include:

  • Coaching sessions: deliver sessions to players of a variety of ages

  • Direction: follow the direction of the Regional Director of Coaching on the coaching philosophy

  • Session plans: use company’s coaching curriculum to plan and run sessions

  • Communication: to all parents/ players within our registration programs

  • Availability: Be available for special activities scheduled by the company during period of contract

  • Attend pre arrival online orientation and training sessions developed by company


Required qualifications:

  • A passion and love for the game

  • Brazilian Soccer Style knowledge

  • Experience in teaching and/or coaching children preferred

  • Patience in working with children of all ages and abilities

  • Excellent role models for children

  • An energetic personality and professional appearance

  • Complete Background Check Certification


Contract Terms

  • Start and end dates: please refer to your contract for dates as they may vary from region to region.

  • Contract Hours Coaching Positions: Generally 35 hours work week. Exact hours may vary during day and may include weekends and holidays. Typical hours are monday-friday, 5 to 8 pm and games during the weekends. Game times may vary and multiple games may be played on the same day. Summer camp hours will be from 9am to 4pm in general and may vary as well. 

  • Housing/accommodation: provided by TetraBrazil or club partner at local host families. All meals provided at the host family during your stay. Participant is responsible outside the host family arrangements. The club may provide meals while at tournaments and games.

  • Transportation: TetraBrazil or Club partner will provide a car to be shared by coaches. Details to be presented at arrival. Company will provide travel to and from the contract city by air, bus, train or other viable transportation.



  • Compensation may vary from US$250 to US$450 per week depending on previous work experience and total working hours per week. The exact amount will be printed on the contract page.

Questions? Contact João Villarinho now via whatsapp:

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